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  • 00:56 I try so hard to keep face, and fail so spectacularly. But the funny thing is, I bet nobody notices. Keep breathing; let go, let go. #
  • 02:38 Holy smokes, went from a bar to a rave. Mentioned a name, got a wristband. Life? Really WEIRD. Old is the new cool :) #
  • 02:52 Holy smokes. Nobody expects the spanish inquisition. Or the random gainesville rave. This is just nutty, yo. And I got in for free. O_O #fb #
  • 02:57 I'm at Gainesville Skate Park. 4sq.com/cnkNpc #
  • 07:10 Wow, well aren't I just the little raver kiddie. Heckuva night; not sure the tale's worth telling, but I had adventures & a lovely time. :) #
  • 14:13 What a wonderful night... friends and dancing at the Lab, then crazy adventures at the Skatepark. I may be old, but I'm not dead yet! #fb #
  • 15:24 Sunday crossword, delivery pizza, wine & first season of The Tudors... a near-perfect rainy day of relaxation & recovery :) #fb #
  • 20:13 @cutthroatben holy cow, what an awesome pic... you guys make me smile :) #
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