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  • 07:26 Crazy-busy day ahead... and layoffs, apparently. As low man on the pole, I'm praying it's not me. #
  • 11:01 People are whispering and acting very strange. More than genuinely concerned for job now. No whammy no whammy no whammy... #
  • 11:39 I am not one for portents and signs, but even the rosebush is dying. #
  • 14:05 Hand-signed payroll check a day early and not originating from payroll company: probably not a positive indicator of future employment. #
  • 16:19 @cutthroatben nice pic! #
  • 16:23 Hm. I'm still here. Still shaken, though. Going to forego the far-away chamber mixer & keep working a bit. Beer & brats in my future! TGTF. #
  • 16:25 I keep forgetting it's Thursday, not Wednesday. Payroll wasn't early. Could just be a string of odd coincidences; have to assume so for now. #
  • 17:46 Had I to pose an educated guess, I would surmise that my neck was on the block this morning & I was granted a last-second reprieve. Scary. #
  • 18:21 A variety of excellent beers, a variety of excellent friends... yes, feeling quite a better already. And here come brats & pretzels! :D #fb #
  • 21:02 That was truly pleasant. Lord, I needed that. Next: quick tipple at the lab, or home again home again? So much to do, including sleep... #
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