*smooch* (ldy) wrote,

These are Today's Tweets

  • 11:31 TONIGHT at The Laboratory, 818 W University Ave in Gainesville FL-- MC Frontalot! 9pm $8, the man himself will likely go on around 11p. <3 #
  • 11:32 Very very tired, but getting things done and feeling pretty good with the world as it is. :) #
  • 15:02 @rjupstate I'm actually looking for one that will require a timecheck and/or breathalyzer!! ;) #
  • 17:17 @rjupstate a droid, actually... so it's just a matter of time :) #
  • 19:49 @rjupstate We are a rabid bunch... though I promise not to send hate mail (even if I fail the breathalizer at 3am) :) Want to root mine... #
  • 21:17 I am a wicked woman. That said, yay, LaboratoryGNV twitter!! #
  • 22:27 @Tarpo oh, g-d no. #
  • 22:30 Sanish self: wants MUCH needed rest before another long, stressful dayintonight. Other self: omgwtfmcfrontalot let's go to the Lab!! #
  • 22:52 Perhaps surprisingly, sanishself wins. :) #
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