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Welcome to my Crazy Hectic Week

First off, I forgot to mention that I saw Shrek Tuesday before last. That was awesome : ) I teared up quite often. Have I ever mentioned that I am a Most Bizarre Romantic?

I also forgot to mention that I got a promotion, and seem to be working towards becoming a full consultant. At least, I'm consulting, so that's how it appears to me.

Monday-- Was sick : / Thanks for the nice thoughts : )

Tuesday-- Worked, went to rehearsal. Gonna have fun with The Porter, I am. Tempted to do it with a Jersey accent next Tuesday (it's either that or a lower-class Irish/Scottish-- might as well play around with the Joisey accent while I can, I think).

Wednesday-- Worked, went to ESP. It is Most Excellent.

Thursday-- Worked, played hookey from bellydancing and instead went to see Seven Nations in Albany with A (M's roommate). The city closed off a street, and thousands of people thronged the streets with coolers, yours truly included. Took me twice as long as usual to make it to A's place... when I arrived, two of her classmates were already there. We checked out the band, then picked up nachos and beer. Did I ever mention that nachos and beer were the Really Important Elements of my Thursday Evening? They had refelted the pool table in a gorgeous rich blue, the likes of which I'd not seen on a pool table before. We kicked butt. ; )

Friday-- Worked, went to E's. Knowing the state My Hectic Life at the Moment, he kindly offered to cook me dindin and watch The Mummy with me : ) I am blessed with some truly Marvelous Friends, I am. He made the stuffed salmon that I like so much, plus veggies and rice. Played a bit of some Star Wars game on the PS2, then watched The Mummy. I thought I hadn't seen it before... I was mistaken : P. I really enjoyed it, though. We watched quite a bit of the "extra" schtuff they put on the DVD, and I drooled slightly through all the ILM bits. I tried not to talk about computer schtuff during that part, but I think I saw his eyes glaze over a couple of times, so I likely did. Then I made my way home and went to bed at a fairly decent hour.

Saturday-- Worked, went to Got up at 7, had hair recolorified at 8. Yay. Then I did a few things around the house/online, including giving myself a manicure, and putting a few coats of polish on. Then it was off to rehearsal. Much fun, as usual. Quite enjoying killing and being killed with enormous freaking dowels. Finished up my nails when I got back (they looked fantastic), then went off to wash the car. That didn't turn out as well as I'd have liked it to. To wit: WheelMagic˜ is a most excellent nail polish remover. Didn't know that? Me neither. : / Spent much of the evening redoing my nails. Was going to meet E and M for a night out... but then E got a headache, and I was cranky from exhaustion and the whole nail thing... so M and I ended up getting some food at Ground Round after she got off work (~11p). I had two daquiris-- yum. Then I came home, chatted a very little bit, then had the brilliant plan to start clearing some junk off my hard drive so I could defrag overnight. Ended up getting to sleep just before 3a.

Today-- E phoned me just before 10a... about an hour before my alarm was set to go off. I got ready for brunch, dragging my arse all the way. I was just checking me mail and quickly saying hi to me sweetie when E showed up... I was still in a bathrobe w/ a towel on me head. whoops. Threw on some clothes while Eman watched the Cow thing, and then we were off to brunch with M at a place called Stephanie's in Albany. Excellent, excellent food, and mellow live jazz. Then we went window shopping along Lark street, then we picked up A's dog and ran around the park with her for awhile. Then E took off, and M and I went to the mall. Returned a few things, shopped at BJs, Pier One, Filene's, and Sears. I bought a cool shirt, some shorts, and the stuff I needed to clean me air cleaner. Then M dropped me off, and I went off to do laundry. Vanquished the Evil Laundry Monster, bought some seltzer and nonpareils, then came home and cleaned the aircleaner. Oh, what a difference that Zapit˜ made!! I had just cleaned it last week, but the Zapit loosened a river of thick black muck that prior cleanings hadn't touched. Looking forward to popping in a new carbon filter and enjoying nice clean air tonight : )

Now I'm stuffing my face fulla french bread pizza, drinking an MHL, overusing the word "then," chatting with a few folks, and listening to what I'm assuming are my new neighbors moving in.

Blast... I know I'm forgetting something... ah, well.

Somehow, I've managed to almost keep up with my friends list this week... I fear it will only be catch as catch can this week, though; it looks to be shaping into an even busier week than last one. I've got rehearsal Monday, Tuesday and Saturday, ESP Wednesday, Bellydancing Thursday, party on Friday, another party on Saturday... not to mention routine housework and such... and somewhere along the line, I want to do something nice for my birthday, too. Might just have to wait 'til Sunday... assuming I'm still conscious by then. Oh, I also want to post some pics here at some point... I've gathered quite a collection that I just never seem to have time to crop come Sunday evening. No promises, though.

I hope you have a most wonderfulous week, I do : )

But before I go...
Big warm wacky wonderfulous welcomes to old friend pvx and new friend goldrose! : )

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough from the Laundry Monster.

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