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    Words/Ideas Repeating Indefinitely Throughout My Week:
  • Pirates

  • Biology

  • (Avenging) Trees

  • Nabakov

  • Rubies

So, I now have Ayn Rand and Nabakov on my reading list... and am currently reading the second Harry Potter book. I think it's clear where my intellectual loyalties lie at the moment ; P

Speaking of intellectual loyalties, I've applied to take the practice Mensa test at home. I've found my Heart, I'm finding my Courage... it would be nice if this poor traveler on the Yellow Brick Road o' Life could find her Brain. So, I'm off to see the Wizard. ...hey, Harry Potter's a Wizard! See? On my way!

In a baffling example of directorial choice, I've been given the additional role of the Porter in MacBeth. I've put peeing while standing on my list of things to learn someday. These two statements are only loosely related.

Quick Week Rundown:

Wed: Class-- awesome. Went out with everyone (except A) after class, ate, drank, laughed a lot, talked about vibrators. 'Nuff said there.

Thu: M had to work, so no bellydancing for me. Did massive amounts of laundry instead.

Fri: went to work late, as I had LEFT ALL MY JEANS AT THE LAUNDROMAT. Thank heavens for honest laundromatters. Was supposed to get my hair cut and re-redimified (rescheduled from last week, when my hairdresser was sick), but my hairdresser is sick again. I'm terribly worried about him.

Sat: Went to rehearsal; delayed by funeral; ate msg laden soup; overdid it with the enormous freaking dowels (again); strangled a fellow actress; went online for a bit; undressed/dressed many times in quick succession; ate much wonderful sushi; saw an improv group composed mainly of people in MacBeth (it's been suggested that I audition for them; am sorely tempted); was unable to find my friends at a questionably-existent bar in the midst of a rapidly-increasing amount of traffic from people leaving a U2 concert; went home.

Sun: Overused the ";" key.

Quotes of the Week:

Computer games don't affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.
--Kristian Wilson, Nintendo 1989
(Yeah, it's old, and of questionable origin, but I liked it anyway)

no matter how bad the water tastes, don't
mix chocolate syrup with it.

(Words to live by.)

Links of the Week:


--gaslamptramp (via happypage)
(CANT.STOP.GIGGLING. "Lactophiliac" *snort!*)


As an additional note, it would appear that lj now hyperlinks urls automagically. Yay : )

Big Oompah-Loompific Welcome to fellow-Gem elsnaibs!

I have rehearsal Monday, rehearsal Tuesday, class Wednesday, bellydancing Thursday... I don't expect anyone will see much of me this week. I hope everyone's week goes well : )

*Smucks* to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who something something something. (Yes, I'm tired. So *smuck* me.)

And *bighugs* to everyone who doesn't know a *smuck* from a *smooch* : )

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