*smooch* (ldy) wrote,

These are Today's Tweets

  • 18:42 Crashed a dinner party, had nummy sushi. Now I work for < one hour at the house, then head home for laundry & sleeps. #benicetocarolyneday #
  • 20:13 Work It Harder Make It Better Do It Faster Makes Us Stronger More Than Ever-- Hour After-- Our Work Is Never Over!!! Yeah, not quittin' yet. #
  • 20:27 The toilet became possessed and started splashing all over, then my mp3 player froze and began emitting an ear-splitting tone. Time to go? #
  • 20:53 The Powers That Be say It's Time to Go Home. I've argued long enough. No time for laundry, but I may have a wee glass o' wine, yes, yes. #
  • 21:47 Man, I was in a great mood till I went to do laundry. Haven't done any in the 3 weeks I've been here-- all my fabric softener was gone. Gah! #
  • 21:48 Now to figure out my boyo's HDD problem... sigh. At least there's wine :) #
  • 23:56 Wow, so glad I stayed up to do laundry. Thanks, roomies, for using all the fabric softener and NOT TELLING ME MY DRYER STOPPED HEATING. FCK. #
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