*smooch* (ldy) wrote,

ain't it a cryin' shame, I'm tired

Went to G'ville 101 today... basically a citizens' education on the city and how it's run. Pretty fascinating, but prolly not helpful to my employer, so I may skip future sessions. Hard workday. Cleaned house for several hours after. Then went to my son's house to help complete his win 7 install on his new compy. It won't recognise the sata 3 drive. Still not fixed. May post details tomorrow.

He and his friends were playing "Drinking Boondock Saints" (drink whenever someone says f-ck or ass). Great game for the first hour. Then it goes south REAL fast.

Had a great time, tho. Love my boyo. His friends, too. I should spend more time there, even if they are a bad influence on me ;)

Another night of no sleep. I wonder how long I can do this... had to keep dancing while hosting trivia last night, afraid if I stopped I would collapse. Tuesday Trivia Interpretive Dance Extravaganza was a hit... others joined in.

Goodnight, eljay :)

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