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I'll take a Seven-pack of Red Tail Ale, Herr Elizabeth


Okies-- lemme tellya'll about my week.

Uhm, normal stuff. Boring, really. Class, bellydancing, clothes shopping, etc. Uhm, OK... that was far less entertaining than I'd hoped.... let's move on.

Last Week's Words Appearing with Unusual Frequency:
Pink, Moon, Switch
(Yes, I've noticed that it acronyms out to PMS : P)
This Week's Words Appearing with Unusual Frequency:
Red, Birds, Seven, Match (as a verb)

What else... oh, I went to Big Day Out™ last night at SPAC. Didn't actually bother with the concert itself; just walked around the outskirts of the the place with M.

the outskirts are prettier than the skirts anyway

Met a plethora of very drunken/otherwise overindulged youths and adults, and a number of smiling young people (members, I'm guessing, of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness) giving out copies of Sri Isopanisad (darnit-- I wanted to use the correct letters, but they aren't available).

I gratefully accepted a copy, (and gave the gent a dollah), and immediately (and randomly) flipped it open to mantra 7. : )
One who always sees all living entities as spiritual sparks, in quality one with the Lord, becomes a true knower of things. What, then, can be illusion or anxiety for him?
Just thought I'd share : )

Now, on to the packages I received Thursday...

Package #1 (Early Birthday Present):
Gourmet cookies for the treehouse-- enough to share! The gingersnaps, especially, are out of this world. Please help yourself; they're incredibly numalicious!!
Ghirardelli dark chocolate-- 'nuff said there! Chocolate? No, I didn't say anything about having any chocolate to share... here, have a cookie!! ; )
The Producers (cd of the Broadway production)-- oh, I'm all swoony. I've always been a fan of Mel Brooks, but I never imagined he'd turn out to be such an accomplished songwriter. Every single song is fantabulous, and all sound unusually familiar (I was singing along the first time I heard it). Must buy this for... everybody ; )
The Sibley Guide to Birds (autographed by the author!)-- upside: indispensible reference to take wandering in the woods! downside: autographed, and far to precious to take wandering in the woods! solution: I shall make a bookcover : )
A lovely card, and nice notes abounding : )

I'm touched-- even more by the thought that went into the gifts than the gifts themselves. Even the wrapping paper was thoughtful! Thank you so much, Darkbloom-- I missed the mailman today, so I'll be mailing a note out Tuesday : )

Package #2 (Early Birthday Present to m'self from m'self):
Bright Red Vinyl Pants purchased off ebay.
Teehee. Evidently this "m'self" person doesn't know me very well-- I'm either entirely too old or entirely too young for screaming red skintight vinyl pants! Maybe they'd be appropriate if I averaged out my ages. Yes, that works ; ) Thanks, m'self. Here, have a cookie. Wait-- *snatches cookie away*-- if you want to wear screaming red skintight vinyl pants, there'll be no cookies for you! *pout*


To my friends who were hurt by the viscious hoax-- I wish I could hug each and every one of you. I think that the giving of Love is always worthwhile. There are always risks, but the reward lies in the giving, not the end result. You did good to Love, you really did.


In closing, I'd just like to state the following:

I am silly.
You will be asillymated
(thanks, Voodoo : ) )

Wishing you Much Love, and Silly Matings, one and all : ) *SMOOOCH*

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