*smooch* (ldy) wrote,

Universe: Hey, Ldy, can you take a hint?

Jeez Louise, even my horoscope sucks!

January 2010

The Waiting Game

This year opens on the wrong foot, and you struggle to get into step with those around you. Since December 26, 2009, retrograde Mercury has been turning your life upside down. Things will begin to straighten out on January 15, when your key planet, the trickster Mercury, turns direct.

Serious Saturn's retrograde turn on January 13 backs up into a harsh square with relentless Pluto on January 31. This powerful, long-lasting event sets a somber tone for the month, making you wonder why pleasure is so elusive.

The New Moon Eclipse in hardworking Capricorn on January 15 falls in your 8th House of Intimacy and Transformation. Its supportive sextile to breakthrough Uranus enables you to be aware of your feelings and to reap the benefits of sharing them. Avoid being overdramatic on January 30 when the expressive Leo Full Moon is conjunct feisty Mars in your 3rd House of Communication.


So, according to this, things will continue to suck for at least 12 more days, and then the tone will be somber, and pleasure elusive. Oh, and I should avoid being overdramatic on the closing night of my play. Say what?

At least the last paragraph contained "Intimacy," "sextile" and "Uranus."

Hey, I take comedy wherever I can find it.

P finally came home sometime after 5am. I am happy for his newfound sense of romance, but his timing really effing sucks.

I slept a little. My ribs hurt like crazy. That's going to make tonight's rehearsal (and tomorrow's work) a whole lotta fun.

Just gotta make it through the day.

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