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I'm strong to the finich 'cuz I eats me spinich-- but I'll ask for Olive Oyl 'n vinegar next time

I had a spinach salad for lunch today.

Before I ordered it, I asked the waitress if the dressing had any MSG (monosodium glutamate). "I'm terribly allergic," I said. She replied that she was quite sure the dressing in question had absolutely no MSG, they made it right there from a mix, and not to worry.

"Wow," I said, "I've never found an italian dressing mix that didn't have MSG! I'll have to check that out sometime!"

Damn but that salad was good... fresh spinach, hard-boiled eggs, melted swiss cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, and warmed vinagrette. Yum! Best Salad Ever!

I went back to the office and hit the ladies room to brush away the spinach from my teeth.

When I got back, I was informed that the bartender from across the street had stopped by and to give her a call.

Yup, turns out the dressing was loaded with MSG. My comment about the mix had stuck in the back of the waitress's mind, and she felt compelled to check it out.

I had felt a tingle when I ate it, but suspected it was just from a few bacon bits I somehow hadn't managed to avoid. Ah, well.

I'm glad she told me. When I started to feel nauseous, I knew to actually get sick and not just ignore it and wait 'til it passed. I took care of it. Not fun... but better than the alternative (intense incapacitating 24-hour migraine).

When I stopped back at the restaurant to ask for a refund, they sat me down, gave me ginger ale and crackers... heck, the waitress even offered to drive me to her home so she could babysit me ("I've got cable and a comfy couch!"). She felt so terrible-- she didn't realize that the spice packet they had used to make the "fresh" dressing had MSG.

I suppose I could have been angry and indignant. I suppose I could've raised bloody hell. After all, I did very specifically ask about it, and had she gotten the real answer, my suffering could have been avoided. But I know deep down that getting angry ultimately wouldn't have helped me feel any better, and would have just made the waitress feel even worse for the mistake that she had made. Besides, nobody died. 'taint no Big Thang in the Overall Scheme of Things.

As it was I got a sincere apology, and the waitress learned something from it.

Next time I'll be sure to get my info from the source so that I might be better able to distinguish perceived truth from real truth (see previous post) ; ) (I usually do ask to see the packaging, but she seemed so certain... what was that about it not being related to trust? No, I don't remember saying anything about that... ; ) )

I started feeling its effects an hour or two ago, and am feeling them still-- my fingers and lips are tingly, my tongue is slightly swollen and I'm unusually sensitive to light and noise. Generally not a good sign. I think I may have avoided the big bad headache, though. I can live with this, oh, yes, I can. : )

Y'know, I'm really glad I keep a toothbrush in my purse.

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