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Python help, please!!

OK, I'm hoping one of my geekariffic friends can help me here, because I sucked at Python* even before I forgot most of what I knew.

I own a gowear fit body monitoring device. It tracks calories, activity level, steps, etc. I also have a device that gives me real-time feedback from this device. Haven't used it in awhile, but I'd like to play with it again.

Now, it so happens that the people who manufacture this product are greedy blankity-blanks who require you have a subscription to their online monitoring software to use it. But I don't need the software! I don't want the software! And you never bloody told me I'd NEED the software (which is why I bought the feedback device).

Anywho, the devices won't work after the memory is full without having an ongoing online subscription. So someone developed a hack to clear the memory. Unfortunately, I can't get it to work. I've followed the instructions-- I've got python and the numpy libraries installed on a Win 32 system running XP Pro. I dropped bmhack into the python26 folder for ease of use. But when I try to call it with python.exe bmhack-718b.py --fromSerial COM7: --clear (or even when I leave the variables out, which should give me help information) I get the following error:

File "bmhack-z718b.py", line 27, in
import serial
ImportError: No module named serial

The information is here:

(Specifically, here and here:
http://bodybugglinux.blogspot.com/2009/07/memory-clear-ability.html )

The actual python script (bmhack-z718b.py) is here:

I've tried mucking with different characters, spacing, etc., but I'm getting nowhere. I'm certain the drivers were installed, and I'm certain it's on COM7 (my computer recognizes the device). Any clues?

Any help would be deeply appreciated :)

* I "did badly" at the "programming language." Don't go there, gutterbrain! ;)

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