*smooch* (ldy) wrote,

A Little Night Music

Haha, I wrote this nearly a week ago and never posted it. I are lazior! A friend posted something about "in the meanwhile" on fb as a status, someone replied with lyrics, and I literally watched/listened to every bloody song in the show A Little Night Music as a result (you can see it here). Le sigh!

Perpetual anticipation is good for the soul
But it's bad for the heart.
It's very good for practicing self-control,
It's very good for morals, but bad for morale.
It's very bad.
It can lead to going quite mad.
It's very good for reserve and learning to do what one should.
It's very good.
Perpetual anticipation's a delicate art,
Playing a role,
Aching to start,
Keeping control
While falling apart.
Perpetual anticipation is good for the soul
But it's bad for the heart.


Every day a little death
In the parlor, in the bed,
In the curtains, in the silver,
In the buttons, in the bread.
Every day a little sting
In the heart and in the head,
Every move and every breath
(And you hardly feel a thing)
Brings a perfect little death.

He smiles sweetly, strokes my hair,
Says he misses me.
I would murder him right there,
But first I die.
He talks softly of his wars,
And his horses, and his whores.
I think love's a dirty business.


In the meanwhile,
There are mouths to be kissed
Before mouths to be fed,
And a lot in between
In the meanwhile.
And a girl ought to celebrate what passes by.

Send in the Clowns is unarguably the most famous song from this show, but these others are quite charming, as well. I love Sondheim's emotive perception and sense of cadence. And his ensemble pieces in this show are tough to translate into writing, but wonderful to watch.

His stuff can be a real bear to sing, though. Sheesh!

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