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Not the happiest of Halloweens... Sitting alone at my workplace at 5am contemplating it.

There were good times, no doubt-- got to see a LOT of wonderful people, including a very dear unexpected friend... but I didn't get to savor much of it. Very busy, lots to do. Always lots to do. Always. And such disconcerting distractions.

I got a bonk on the head, and a weird sense of exclusion... however, some of that may have been merely perceptual in nature.

Boyfriends, girlfriends, lovers and fiends. (No typo; heck, it's Halloween (futhermuckers!).)

My days here are likely numbered. For a any number of reasons, really. Some I can control, but some I can't.

I felt a certain unease all day, long before I came here. Funny, that.

Goodnight, (killing) moon.


Ahh, and here comes Thriller again. Time to put away the mp3 player and call it a night. Wishing I could just drive to the beach or something instead of going home. Hell, I guess there's nothing stopping me, except I don't know any beach to go to. That's pretty sad in and of itself I suppose. Think I'll just sit and wallow/contemplate for a few minutes before driving back.

Hope the rest of you are all well and happy and following your bliss <3

* Edited to lessen the woe-is-me goth quotient and remove obscure references to random people... and also to letcha know that I did manage to make it to the beach (and back). Long drives and nice breakfasts usually make my world a bit better. :)

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