*smooch* (ldy) wrote,

These are Today's Tweets

  • 08:44 RABBIT RABBIT! :D There will be NO technological breakdowns today, I decree it! No whammy no whammy no whammy! Happy October one and all :) #
  • 13:38 Wait-- if today is the first day of the rest of my life, what was yesterday? o_O #
  • 20:16 Cranky. Clearly overtired. Going to have a glass or two of wine, maybe watch something mindless or surf the net and call it an early night. #
  • 22:09 Still overtired, but much less cranky. Yay, wine and mindless journal-dumping! Tomorrow will be a good day, I believe. :) #
  • 22:10 New Blalock Indie-Rock Playlist - Oct!
    bit.ly/fmFWP #
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