*smooch* (ldy) wrote,

So I'm loving (not)working at the Lab*. Last night, I had my first experience bartending, at the Beep South 8-bit Music Festival. My feet and ears still hurt!

I wore a Thomas Dolby/BT shirt and screaming red vinyl pants (remember those? I'm only now fitting into them again!!) and, with a dandy oversized lab coat, felt appropriately dressed for the occasion.

I have such fun there. I hang out with people whose company I truly enjoy, dance around and make a general fool of myself, and call it a job.

Whoa, I wrote that some time ago. Two, three weeks? I don't know by what magic livejournal can restore from a draft now, but it's pretty nifty.

Random Poetry Monday:

Road Trip

An opportune chance of escape or
a terrible faux pas
on a road headed north
or south
or some other direction
The wind breathing the
caution tossed so
carelessly upon it
and filling lungs
so tired of wasted words
Imaging a future so
big & so quiet & so close
Yet so many
miles away
that somehow the distance
between this space and that
would change the rules
of engagement and
erase the indelible
scars, the ties that
bind us to the here & now
And tomorrow would rain down
in heavy drops
of laughter
on our parched faces

Or perhaps we'll head to
a strip bar
and drink.

OK, I'm done. :) Hope your life is going beautifully-- I'll come visit you again soon!

* Well, damned if I remember what this was for. D'oh!
** ~Hugs to those who want 'em, those who need 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough~ <3

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