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Birthday Girl! Birthday Girl! Pinch her pinch her pinch her!!

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Bi i i i i i i i irthda a a a a ay
Miss Tillytollo
Happy birthday to you!!!!

I'll have you know, I stayed up past my beddy bye just to tell you that, Miss T : )
I hope this year brings you much happiness and the fulfillment of inner dreams ♥

Uh-oh... I have too many friends, can't get rid of a one of 'em, and keep adding more. Please forgive/correct me if I neglect to mention anyone...

Welcomes to butsz (welcome back : ) ), starsailor71, and nicodemus!

And a Very Special Welcome to the World to little josie

Shh, don't look now... but that woman... I said don't look! ...that woman... Ayn Rand... is following me... think we can lose her if we make a break for it?

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