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Madam Slamm or Missy Peachybutt, at your service

Reclusive Spiders

A few minutes ago, I looked at my stomach, which surprisingly appeared to be covered in ~20 bug bites, along with many teensy tiny bite-like looking things.

That's odd, I thought... there are way too many to account for a random flea or mosquito... and what are those teensy tiny bite-like looking things? That looks like hives, or an allergic reaction of some sort.... almost like what I get from spider bites...

Realizing with horror that I had hung the jeans I'm wearing on the back porch the other day to dry, I ran to the bedroom and ripped them off (there's nothing like the prospect of a horde of ravenous spiders in me pants to get me movin'!). I turned them inside out. I looked at them with a flashlight. I checked for spiders.

At about the time that the panic died down and I felt rather certain that my jeans showed no sign of arachnid infestation, I realized with a start that the shirt I'm wearing had also been hung out on the porch. I ripped that off. I checked for spiders.

Whew. No spiders there, either. But wait! The underwear I'm wearing was also hung out on the porch! I ripped them off! I checked for spiders!

Satisfied that my pants, and shirt, and underwear were reasonably spider-free, I got dressed again and sat back at the computer and scratched my side. ...my side? Wait-- there weren't any bites there a minute ago! Sure enough, I now have ~24 bite-like things on me. However, there are no spiders (I checked for spiders!).

It's probably hives. It's the most reasonable explanation...

...and certainly preferable to the thought of being a walking buffet to an invisible spider population.

In other news...

My porn name is either Madam Slamm or Missy Peachybutt (fitting pair for a Gemini, no?). : P I suppose that pretty much covers that topic.

Rehearsals are fantastic. Spent a lot of time on theatre games, the Alexander Technique, and stage combat today. The class was broken up into two sections to spar, as the rather large polearms (read: enormous freaking dowels : P) with which we were sparring required quite a bit of room. Because the second group was smaller than the first, and because my partner and I were in a different section of the cathedral, we didn't have to sit down and got to spar continuously throughout the time alotted. ^_^ Got a neat introduction to the cathedral by the Sexton... it's the fifth largest in the US, and part of the floor was manufactured nearly a thousand years ago. A THOUSAND YEARS. And the tiles that composed it were made from the remnants of demolished roman buildings.

They just don't make 'em like that anymore

Made some homemade pizza tonight (shitakes, portobellas and broccoli)... Mr. E brought over his PS2. We chowed and played MDK2 Armageddon. What a terribly sillyass game. <G>

I saw a deer in my yard the other morning. I've never seen a deer in my yard before... I live in a city, on a busy street (and yes, near a car lot). I thought a few of you might appreciate a visit from the Deer Spirit, too, even if it's only a picture, so...


I'm listening to a rather mellow and bizarre reggae version of the Dr. Who theme, and you're not. ; )

Happy Belated Birthday to Kev : )

I'm remiss in welcomes... but they shall have to wait 'til next time... I'm simply exhausted.

Hugs to those who need them, those that want them, and those who aren't posing as invisible spiders.

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