*smooch* (ldy) wrote,


Still no sign of Mr. Max. We've checked with every neighbor within a few houses and every authority that might have come into contact with a missing feline-- living or dead-- and nobody's seen him.* Wherever could he have gone?

Clearly, Maximillian Romeow Waterchin III** has ascended. I'm sure he's laughing, somewhere. He was always laughing. Life is, after all-- he'd remind me-- inherently funny.

And now... seventeen distractions away from that last sentence, I'm off like a fast thing that goes "whoosh"*** to see Harry Potter (nope, haven't seen it yet).

Crap. I have other things to do! Like finish this update!

Well, I'll just have to start another. It's time to go.

* But everybody's seen Switch. "Oh, do you mean the lanky black cat that eats all the koi from my pond?!" "Oh, do you mean that black cat that digs in my yard?!" "Oh, do you mean that black cat that..." Um, no. We mean the orange one. And when I say "we," I really mean "Paul," because I was half-dead all day yesterday.
** He's actually the first, but he's always like the "the third" part.
*** Fast as a Disappearing Cat?
**** Your ad can go here!! No, not really.

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