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Holy smokes, an actual entry... amazon revisited, overload romance, mp3s, columbinus, etc

Today's weight... 147.somethingorother

My Theoretical Dilemma

For those of you following my theoretical dilemma at home... (part 1) (part 2)
Thank you for writing to us at Amazon.com.

First let me apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please be assured that we are here to make things easier for you.

I've checked your order and found that you purchased "Ralph Marlin Art Series Guitar Strap, The Thinker" from Musician's Friend, one of our registered third-party sellers on Amazon Marketplace.

When making a purchase from an Amazon Marketplace or Merchant seller, it is important to note that your order is not being fulfilled by Amazon.com directly. Because of this, we are unable to send the replacement order for the Amazon Marketplace or Merchant order.

I'm sorry to learn that the item you received was not as described for order. In a case like this, we do ask that you first contact the seller to explain the situation and to make appropriate arrangements.

To contact the seller...

OK, I KNOW I chose the bike lock order-- something wacky must have happened on the intarwebs. And it's clear that no actual human read my "complaint." How hard do I have to fight to return a $600 digital projector that a company (theoretically) sent to me in error? Seriously?

Sweet and Tasty Synth-pop

I don't usually pimp random adds, but the band overloadromance seemingly added me randomly, and I think I'm in lurve with this Indonesian synth-pop group. Give 'em a listen!

It's not the most complex or thought-provoking music... but the hooks are catchy as heck. I keep playing them over and over again.

I can't decide which I want more... MP3s for my player, or English lyrics to Layang Layang.

OK, MP3s. But I'd like the lyrics anyway.

I <3 Cowon

Speaking of mp3 players, I just purchased one.

It started innocently enough. Newegg sent me an ad for a pretty 4GB player that cost about $50. I was intrigued-- as much as I love my Cowon iAudio U2 (link goes to the 512kb version; the 1GB is apparently no longer available), it's several years old, and only holds 1GB of music... which was fine when I just used it to work out. But now that I can listen to music at work... it would be nice to have something that could hold a bit more music.

Well, that offer for a $50 MP3 player got me to researching. Which is never a good thing. I'm a wicked-thorough researcher. And I finally decided that the music quality of everything I was looking at didn't even approach my old U2.

So, I considered getting an 8GB Cowon D2. Newegg had it for an amazing price. And it has an SD slot, so it can be expanded with additional cards... but only to 4000/songs per card (the D2 has a file limitation on its media... besides, SD cards only go to 32GB by design according to the current specification). But then I figured, once upon a time, I thought 1GB would be more than enough room for me. Heck, Bill Gates thought back in 1981 that "640K ought to be enough for anybody" ...so it stands to reason that I might be happier with something even larger.

So, I ordered a 16GB Cowon D2 and a 16GB SDHC card (the price of which has risen $5 since I ordered it!). That should be enough to hold all my music right now-- even the stuff I probably wouldn't load onto it. And if I really want to add more, I can always get more cards (ah, an expandable MP3 players-- what a beautimous idea!). Heck, I can take the SD card I have in my camera and throw a few episodes of South Park or whatever on it if I ever think I'm going to be stuck in an airport or something. The screen's small, but it does play video beautifully, I'm told.

And the thing is, the D2 is customizable and has an active enthusiast following. You know how much I love to tinker with my gadgets. So I'm pretty psyched :)

I nearly waited for Cowon's new offerings (the ubersexy S9 and D2-on-steroids O2) to be released in November, but they don't really suit my needs like the D2 does. I don't need a massive screen, I do need great portability and superb battery life. So the D2 it is. I believe it's scheduled to arrive Tuesday.


I saw a high school production of columbinus tonight... and was amazed. Not only by the quality of the performance, but by the simple fact that the director, who's a friend of mine, managed to get it produced. Some art is fluff, but the best art is challenging, and this particular piece is challenging to both its performers and its audience. It is graphic in both language and subject matter.

If you get the chance to see columbinus, DO IT. Especially if it's put on by a high school. Even if the quality of the production and the performances isn't as high as the one I saw, it will be worth seeing. I can pretty much guarantee it.

I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me

When I got home, I was struck by the strong and very unsettling feeling that there was somebody hiding in the bushes or hiding within my house. The feeling was so intense that I nearly went to a hotel for the night. Now, I'm not prone to flights of fancy or easily frightened... so WTF? Was it just a weird, unexpected side-effect of watching the portrayal of disturbed kids with guns? It doesn't seem to quite add up, but I'm at a loss for any other explanation.

I searched the house and all seemed fine. I didn't go into the garage, but I locked the door to it.

Zack just got home, so I feel a bit more at ease now. Thank goodness. That much unused adrenaline can't be healthy.


I'm still enjoying my job at the VA, though the petty politics are bizarre. I try to keep as far away from that as I can.

I still don't have a desk, but the new office should be done by the end of November. It's unclear who's staying in our office and who's moving down the hall, but it looks like I'll be getting a desk in the office I'm currently working in (which is preferable-- it's smaller and quieter and has more windows).

A bit of weirdness... I discovered recently that the other temp agency is paying their temps (or at least one of 'em) $5 more an hour than I'm getting. That's pretty significant. I think I need to talk to somebody at my temp agency about that. Or perhaps I'll need to speak to the other temp agency about that.

In the meantime, I'm watching usajobs.com for openings.

Jane Eyre

The play is becoming all-consuming... which is good, because we're WAY behind. I can't believe we open in two weeks!

Colour me freaked. And I have so much to with the playhouse as their Marketing Director that I don't know how I'll get caught up with that while I'm working all day and rehearsing every night. I suppose it will all get done somehow or other.

I have been having a bit of fun being the dialect coach, though. And I just ordered my copy of Scrooge! from Samuel French... let's see if I like it enough to submit it to direct next year :)

Oh-- here's something bizarre that I don't think I shared with you... when I first agreed to assistant direct, I had considered auditioning for the role of Miss Scatcherd, the child-hating schoolmarm. I figured, it's an alto, character part, and I've played two other women-of-indeterminate-age-who-hate-orphans in the two musicals I've done there so far... might as well shoot for a typecast trifecta, right? I dropped the idea when I discovered that I'd be out of town for the second night of auditions. I knew the vocal director wanted to have a strong ensemble, and my being the AD would preclude Miss Scatcherd from being an ensemble player as well.

Well, we lost our Miss Scatcherd. Guess who they asked to do the role?

Life's funny :)

The Men in My Life

Things with P are rotten. He got stupiddrunk the other night and started berating me again. I'm sorry, but verbal abuse is still abuse and I just can't take it anymore. I've started looking at apartments, but it might be several months before I feel comfortable enough to go anywhere. I just can't consider moving with a ton of debt and a temp job. I wish there were some way to defuse him when he gets like that. Although we're not actually romantically involved, I do love him and he's really not a bad guy when he's not being a drunken prick ;)

Things with Z are good. He turned 19 last week ^_^ I can't believe he's all growed up! He got an awesome guitar and custom pickups for his bday (under the condition that we help him sell his old one to defray the cost). It's SO GOOD to hear him playing again (remind me about that a month from now when the loud metal coming from his room starts fraying my nerves!).

So, anywho, that's enough of an update for me right now. I hope you are well and happy and following your bliss :)

~Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough~

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