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Hi hi

So, yeah... hi :)

I finally hung this picture the other day. It's been sitting on the floor since we moved two years ago.

It sat on the floor of our old place until a month or three before we moved. Paul says that it's a sign that we'll be moving within the next year. He's probably right.

I've been voted the Marketing Director for our community theatre. It's a daunting job, actually... there are a million things to be done. Now, if I could only find a position like this that actualy comes with a salary attached!

Speaking of the theatre, The Secret Garden is going very well. We had an excellent review today. I wasn't mentioned, but hey, I'm a minor character. I actually auditioned the other day for a lead character in the next production that I really really really really really wanted... but didn't get. The cast is exactly as I envisioned it... except that I'm not in it. *sigh!* So it goes. The Director (a good friend of mine) was kind enough to write me a nice note.

Frankly, it's probably for the best... between the Marketing Directorship, the current production, and the production I'm Assistant Directing in November, I've got my hands full, theatre-wise. I really need to spend more time and energy on my "real" life-- namely, in my quest to find a Decent Jobbyjob and get out of this Big Old House with Something Wrong Inside It.

Birthday was good. I got some nice shwag, perfectly befitting the 40 6-year-old that I am... Perhaps those might be better covered in a separate entry. I've been thinking about doing a "Stuff I Likes" bit for some time now, lauding the features and benefits of my preferences in the world of Commercial Whoredom (instead of actual, you know, entries)... now may be the time.

Due to the theatre stuff, haven't been on WoW for more than five minutes at a time in nearly a month. I feel rather bad, since I'm one of the officers of our guild. Ah, well... I'll get back to it when Secret Garden is done.

Haven't spent too much time on KoL either. I was part of the Iocaine Powder run that spanked Hobopolis the night it came out, and I finally managed to get my Tome of Transcendant Olfaction and a number of tattoos I'd be missing, but haven't spent much time there otherwise.

I have, however, managed to spend a bit of time with my new DS (hooray for portability). I loves it. I'll write about it soonishly, I think :)

I've been sick for a week now. It started last Friday (yes, Opening Night) as a sore throat and became a sinus infection by Sunday. I'm rather thankful I got it past the sinus infection stage with my old standbys, olive leaf extract and goldenseal/echinacea. However, now it feels like a standard cold, and my tongue is coated and bumpy. Time to see a doctor, right?

So, I don't have a Primary Care Physician. I pay a bazillion dollars in health insurance, but haven't actually gotten a doctor. So I call the practice that Paul and Zack go to. They asked if I needed to see someone in the next 24-48 hours. I said "yes." They told me which doctors were accepting new patients, and I picked one. (I chose him because he had his own practice for many years, was educated in London and New Zealand, and had a nice smile.) So, fine.

That was two days ago. He hasn't returned the paperwork to the desk yet. Perhaps I should have picked a more attentive doctor with a less-sexy accent.

Ok, I should get a move on, pardner. I hope you are well and happy, and following your bliss.

Before I go, here's James Blunt singing about his lost Triangle on Sesame Street:
Better than the original, but maybe not as good as this.

~Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough~

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