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SO. I'm looking through random (and I mean RANDOM) old files I have on random old discs to see if I can find a copy of my old resume, and I find this gem, which apparently won me 100 tokens from Hecklers Online on AOL back in 1998:

UPDATED: 12-08-98 NEXT WINNERS: 12-15-98

To VOTE on the topic for the week
of Dec. 8-Dec. 15, click HERE!

Charlie Brown/
"Peanuts" Winners

Our #3 limerick honors and twenty-five tokens go to dremphy@aol.com.

Charles Schulz, that nutty mastermind,
Once did a strip that was one of a kind:
That time Lucy and Charlie
Hopped on a new Harley
And FOR ONCE Lucy got to be in behind.

Our #2 limerick honors and fifty tokens go to rainlily22@aol.com.

Charlie's head's an exaggeration.
And Lucy's just an aggravation.
Snoopy's a beagle,
And Woodstock's an eagle,
And Linus, he fears separation.

Our #1 limerick honors and a hundred tokens go to ldysaphyre@aol.com.

Schroeder is really a shy gent,
But one thing makes Schroeder violent:
When Lucy is meanest,
She calls him a pianist,
And claims that the last "t" is silent.

OK, so "gem" is overstating it a bit.

I have only the vaguest recollection of ever having entered this contest.

Ten years ago... so weird.

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