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Woohoo! Opening night!

I've been sorta busy, and sorta not busy and kinda sick :/ I'm hoping it passes soon. I hate being sick on opening night!

Monday, I had an audition at our local state-run regional theatre. A REAL equity* audition. It was the first time I've ever had to do a prepared monologue!

It was great. I got the magic 15-minute loading zone parking spot DIRECTLY in front of the theatre, and although I was a few minutes early, they were ready for me. I popped into the ladies room first, and walked under a ladder three times for good measure.

Sometimes, we make our own luck, no?

I was nervous, but I made them laugh. You know, at places they were supposed to laugh. I was so pleased with my monologue selection, and am so happy it seemed to go over well. Hooray for the author, who sent me a complementary copy of the script the day after I enquired about it.

The entire audition took about two minutes.

I've no idea whether I'll be invited to read for anything this season, but it felt good to audition. It felt really good.

As for Oliver, well, it's is such a good show, with such a talented cast and crew. P & Z are coming tonight, along with Matt & Penny (friends of ours we rarely get to see). I hope I'm up for going out afterward! Heck, that's half the fun :)

OK, I'd better go iron one of my costume pieces, and pick up some flowers for the cast and crew (everybody deserves flowers on opening night!).

Later, gators!

* You don't techinically have to be equity to go to an equity principal audition. In fact, they like us non-equity actors, as we'll work for peanuts.
** I have nothing creative to say here!

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