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Kitty Update

I have deadlines fast approaching, so I'll have to reply to comments yesterday as those allow.

But I wanted to give a quck shout out that Gracie appears to be fine :)

She got a little worse yesterday evening-- high fever, fast respiration, fatigue, weakness and an seeming inability to meow-- so I had Z watch her while I was at rehearsal, and sat with her on the couch when I returned. All she wanted was some mommy lap. She got a little better as the night wore on.

Today? She seems to be back to her old self, hollering and bossing everyone around. She just walked up to Switch (the kitten) and bopped him on the head... apparently, just for being a little brother. (Well, I'm sure he deserved it; we spent some of the wee hours in the morning playing "no, no, no, for the love of G-d, Switch, please don't jump on Max's head," and he was strongly considering pouncing Gracie's tail shortly before she bopped him.)

The vet said not even to bring her in unless I saw any signs of distress (or just anything odd), so I'll be keeping an eye on her.

But I think she's OK :) Thanks for all the kitty love, good vibes and mojo!

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