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The Subjects are Revolting! And there's far too many of them!!

The Man with the Magic Hat Gives and Takes with Ease...

Went to callback auditions for that play Friday... Stopped at the pub across the street afterward and had a draught of a bitchin' Belgian brew called "Delirium Tremens."1 When I went to the payphone to phone a friend,2 a Very Nice Man with a Hat appeared and offered me a quarter for the telemaphone. I didn't need it, but noted there was something... unusual... about him.

Well, between the Very Strong Beer, the lack of foodstuffs in my tummy, the exhaustion from the cumulative effects of the workweek, and the high from auditioning, I was feeling a wee bit buzzed... so I did the logical thing and went out and bought unusual fishnet stockings and really funky shoes. (Remember: friends don't let friends shop buzzed... : P)

Then I went to the burrito place, and grabbed a couple veggie tacos. I thought about The Man with the Hat... Hm, why was I thinking about The Man with the Hat? "No matter," I thought as I grabbed my food and headed upstairs to the bar with the comfy couches. I ordered a beer, turned around... and what to my wondering eyes should appear? Twas The Man with the Hat!! He was drinking a beer!

"Food! Food! Food!" went the brain/stomach. So I smiled, nodded, and wandered off to eat.

It occurred to me while eating that I met The Man with the Hat in an entirely different part of town earlier. That I had thought of him just two minutes earlier downstairs at the burrito place. That I was drinking a Magic Hat beer. That the song "Magik Hat" by Conehead Buddha was running through my head.

So I went in search of the man, but he was gone.

"What pertinent bit of info were we suppose to trade?" I wondered, somewhat crestfallen... You see, I feel that Everything Happens for a Reason. Certain seemingly-random encounters have an underlying feel of Supreme Orchestration to me... call me delusional, whatever; I don't expect anyone else to agree with me, but my intuition directs me to pay attention to such encounters.3 It has been my experience that one little thing said in such an encounter can change a life significantly.

Just before I was about to leave, he reappeared-- without the hat-- and sought me out to talk. He has the same first and middle names as xso, and is exhibiting in an art show at the Airport.

Oh, and it was his birthday. Mere moments later I was eating cake. The entire bar was eating cake and celebrating. And another friend of mine showed up.
How bizarre is that?

He asked if I were an artist. It's a good question.

Am I?

Considering paying a visit to the airport in the Very Near Future.

A Guy Named Bob

There was once a "One Big Happy" cartoon that suggested the guy on the dollar bill oughtta be "a guy named Bob." Because... well, "everybody knows a guy named Bob!"

I know a few guys named Bob, or some variation on that theme.4

I recently dreamed that I had a Robert and a Rob on a three-way conference call. I wanted them to talk, but didn't want to interfere, so I wandered off to do dishes.

Eman showed up, and went to hang up the phone.

"No!" said I, "Bobs' talking!"

Instinctively as if in a dream E knew the apostrophe's proper placement.

"Well," asked E rather impatiently, "what are they talking about?"

"Oh, bobbing for apples, bobby pins, Boba Fett... I fear it's something the non-palindromic among us shall ne'er understand."

E nodded sagely and thus ended the dream.

Heh. It just occurred to me that Eman backwards is Name. Which means... nothing! But it made me chuckle anyway.

Other news that's print to fit

My class is going Very Well Indeed... considering taking an intensive 5-day course at some point in the not-too-terribly-near future to gain certification to teach it to other people/open schools elsewhere... Mucho buckos, but may be well worth it. We'll see. It's really too soon to make any sort of decision, but I'm impressed with what I've heard/seen/felt/discovered so far.

Bellydancing is back in session, and a whole lotta fun, as usual.

Am especially missing my friend, who is in Las Vegas, wining and dining and whooping it up working very diligently at the NABS convention. Lucky dog Poor sweetie. Wishing I could be there to lend him a hand, as my left one is currently lacking a margarita. (Might consider lending a few other body parts as well, but that's another story for another night.) He's not even on AIM this week, so I expect I'll go through withdrawals. Heh. If withdrawals == Delirium Tremors, this could be a Very Interesting Week, indeed ; p

Had some AWESOME sushi last night at Itchy Feeshies (Ichiban's). 'nuff said there.

Took me car to the inside 'n out carwash today, then took her home and waxed her : ) I've never waxed my car before. My shoulders hurt... but maaaaan, she looks purdy. One might never have guessed she was 11 years old.

Wax on, wax off; my owner loves me : )

Big Blue(screen)

Well, I decided to try to get Naps working again. Since I was using the ver. recommended in their forum, I figured the bluescreening had to be an issue with my virtual device drivers. I did a bit of cleanup on my system and let system file checker loose to do its business. Sure enough, user.exe and a number of vxds were screwed up. Clickfix.

The changes sfc wrought killed windows. Couldn't even initialize it in Safemode. I knew there were issues with sfc and win98, but I was under the impression that they had been ironed out in 98SE (please stop laughing).

Luckily, I had a damned good idea of which file was screwing everything up. And it was easy enough to copy user.exe from my backup location back to the system folder via dos.

I haven't had a chance to really test naps since then, but I opened it up and got it started without crashing, which is more than I could do before. And I rediscovered wintop as a result of this problem, so that's a plus.

Regardless, I'm thinking it's time for a new computer or two. Sans 98 altogether. Yes, yes indeedy.

Do I want to go with a dual-boot win2k/linux box5, or do I want to play with darwin? Maybe I should just replace the motherboard, hdd and OS(s) on this nasty thing and splurge on an additional box... maybe a nice G4 with OSX, or a powerbook...

*looks up and reads*

Heh. I AM a geeklet. I suppose I always thought I was seriously subgeek... but perhaps that speaks more of the high quality of the geeks in my world and my frustration with knowing so little in comparison to them than my own (in)/(dis)abilities. I mean, what kind of person cracks jokes in casual conversation about persistent client-side cookies, anyway?

On the other hand... Hm. Maybe I just really like cookies. It's hard to tell at this point. Thinking this hypothesis requires further testing.


You Always Suspected the Devil was a Redheaded Woman in a Blue Dress

I didn't get the role of LdyM, but have just been informed that my mission, should I choose to accept it, is to play the second witch7 and Satan. What, you don't remember Satan's role in Macbeth? Neither do I...8 Maybe she just shows up to cheer at the oh-so-happy ending.

E's been calling me "Lucy." I had no idea why until I asked... his nick for me now is "Lucy Furr." D'OH! I've been outpunned!! I think this means I have to allow him to keep his soul or something... Damn. ; )

Random links stolen from others:

Myth introduced me to this very sexy lady

zahnrad pointed me to this very well-executed bit of web-based movie promotion

A whole bunch of ppls pointed me to this wonderfully-silly thing.

And zztzed showed me how to poke the bunny in #livejournal (my, but that sounded... wrong)

Hearty welcomes to duchess_webb and phatpharmer! Happy to have you aboard. If you can't follow along, feel free to ask for a libretto. Note that you won't actually get one, but do feel free to ask.

Hugs to those who need them, those who want them, those who read this far, and those who don't run away quickly enough.

1 SUPER-YUM BEER. And at 9% alcohol, it's called Delirium Tremors for good reason. Imagine Duvel as a tripel *_*

2 I could have polled the audience, but they looked half in their cups.

3 My first meeting with my friend had this distinct feeling, as did my first meeting with a few of you.

4 The funny thing about Bobs, Robs and Roberts is, in my experience, they're not interchangeable. They may all be "Robert" on their birth certificates, but you can't call a Rob a Bob or a Bob a Robert. Funny, that. And although I have a friend named Bill/William-- who will always be Billium to me-- I don't imagine I'll ever meet a Bobert.

5 Yes, that would be one without the chipset from hell.

6 Mmm. ~C is for coding, and cookies are for me...~

7 Some people play second fiddle, other play second violin, I play second witch. And yes, it takes sixty of those to equal a minute witch. Which is what you would make if you had company coming for dinner and needed witch in a hurry. Say that last sentence aloud, and it makes even more sense! *runsaway*

8 I haven't a Clue™ ("It was Satan, in the Cathedral, with the Amended Script!") Yes, I'm playing Satan... in a cathedral. [ insert ominous chord here ]

9 Open every door you find lest you miss the very thing you seek but didn't know you sought. AH-MIN-AH, DO-KI-DO, AH-MAH-NEH-LA.

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