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Poor little pukey girl

All day, I've been finding cat vomit around the house. Like, HUGE amounts of it. There was black fur in it, which eliminated one cat of the three, but I couldn't tell whether it was the black cat's or the calico's until someone was caught in the act.

And catch her in the act I did. Poor Gracie's been sick all day.

She's now on my lap, breathing heavy and fast. I've asked Z to check on her every hour or so while I'm at rehearsal. If she keeps this up, she's going to the vet tomorrow. If it gets any worse, she's going to the emergency vet tonight. I wish I could just stay home with her.

I gave them their flea stuff last night (the same stuff I always give them), but I've never seen a reaction like this. Could just be a virus... but the other cats are fine. I'm suspecting a virus or some sort of blockage, since all the food was fairly well digested, and none of it has seemingly passed. She seems quite hungry.

Think good thoughts my pretty kitty's way? Tanku.

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