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When I'm too busy to update, I regurgitate links!

Links of interest:

It's two-two-two memes in one! And hi-larious :)

Batman Lectures Robin
Some of Batman's finest advice to his young, impressionable ward, taken from the hokey TV show. Much Awesome :)

Verizon Wireless Users: Protect Your Privacy
There's been a change in the information Verizon is collecting about you. Take a moment today to opt out, while you have the opportunity.

Learn How to Do the Thriller Zombie Dance! (Scroll all the way down)
The lady's actually not a bad teacher, too! C'mon, haven't you ever wanted to break into the Thriller dance at, say, the supermarket?

Down, down, down, down to Jewtown
I now harbour a secret crush on John Safran.*

And for local folk...

Gainesville Folk-- cheap drinks and an opportunity to wear your bathrobe out!
I wish things like this would happen more often. I'm all about weird, spontaneous theme parties!

Sorry, I didn't take notes on where these came from. Poke me in comments, and I'll be happy to credit you :)

* Weird, I used British spelling, but attributed American meaning! Does this mean I'm... Canadian?!
** Beware the Footnotes of DOOOM!

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