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FAR OUT, what a day, a year, a life it is...

Eight Years

I probably shouldn't tell you this
But if you'd just forgive me
I'd take you back
I'd take you back and marry you
I'd take you back
And we could have children
And life would be good for us all

How many hours did we spend
Locked in each other's arms?
How many hours did we live our life
Our life, together, as one?

I guess you needed this
Needed to get away
Needed to become something more
Than you were
Maybe someday you'll forgive me
And we could be happy
Be happy together
Married and raise a family together

But maybe I've said too much1

Well, xso got his Asteroids game and Playstation memory card2, and I got my TV back. And I'm only slightly emotionally-scarred from the visit.

Can I cry now?

Whaddayaknow; I can.

--just then--


Hi-- you know, when I said before
Before, about taking you back...
I didn't want you to think
Think it was your fault we broke up.
I mean, it was my fault.
My fault; whatever I did.
But sometimes you take
You take the things I say wrong.
So I just wanted to clarify
Clarify what I meant.

But maybe I think too much3

You know
you know
you had it
coming to you
there's not
a lot I can do

Sushi Heaven

Wishing you didn't put me down
Wishing you didn't call me a loser
Wishing you didn't hate me so much
Wishing you didn't question my values
Wishing you didn't push your morality on me
Wishing you didn't bring beer -everywhere- we went
Wishing you didn't threaten to beat the shit out of me
Wishing you didn't turn into someone I didn't recognize at all
Wishing I could believe everything had changed for real
and for always

Doesn't make it so

Oh, if wishes were fishes...

I'd wish you to stop hurting
taken both ways

But maybe I dream too much4

Sigh. My head hurts. I'm taking a bath.

Dreamer, you silly little dreamer
But now you put your head in your hands, oh, no

Crime of the Century, indeed...

1 Sigh. Yes. You have.

2 Is it ironic that, after all his vehement hatred of my computer and playstation, he bought a PS2 and now has an email address? Or should I have seen that coming?

3 Maybe... where think==talk. Sigh. Wishing you thought more before. Before you hated... before you threatened... before all this and all that...

4 Maybe? Maybe not anymore...

5 Only a being of supernatural abilities (or a pause button) could read this. C'mon, click it, and watch the whole thing-- I promise it will either cheer you up or make you puke and scream.

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