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A quick update on various and sundry things

The Old Man

Paul's finally done with school! I haven't had a fiance in over a year. I'm not sure what happens now. Who is this guy, anyway?

Paul's flight to Japan yesterday got cancelled at the last minute, so he had to fly out early this morning. The flight takes roughly forever, give or take an eon. When he gets there, he'll be thirteen hours in the future!! *insert time-travelly music here*

The New Cat

Switch has been a handful. Max makes a grumpy face once in awhile, but mostly seems amused. Gracie finds it necessary to hiss at him every so often. Switch, however, wants nothing more than to hang out with his big brother and sister. In particular, he keeps trying to play with Gracie. She wants none of it. I'm finding this far more amusing than I probably should :)

The cats always freak out when Paul or I leave for a few days... I'm not sure how the cats are going to deal with it with both of us gone.

"Gone?!" you say? Why yes!

Kingdom of Loathing

Thursday, I fly to Phoenix for the Kingdom of Loathing Convention. Hooray! I really do need to get away... and even though I can scant afford it, I'll be eating wonderful food. Here's part of my intinerary:

Fri - All-you-can-eat Sushi at Ninja - 12 noon
Fri - Gameworks - 8PM to whenever
Sat - Kiwanis Park BBQ - 11AM to 5:30PM
Sat - Dinner with Badmonkey & His Mystery Gal at Wildfish
Sat - Bigass Nerd Concert at The Sets - 7PM to close
Sun - Karl Dark Toga BBQ 3PM
Sun - Organ Stop Pizza 4:45PM
Sun - Multi-Birthday Celebration at Champaign Supernova 8:30PM
Mon - Canyon Lake with Amp and... well, I'm not exactly sure who else!

Lots of fish, lots of BBQ, and mad huggles from folks I don't see often enough.


Oliver rehearsals have been going pretty well. Wanna hear? Sure you do!

This is what the chorus part of our first rehearsal of Consider Yourself sounded like:

The recording isn't very good, and neither are we, really (when I say "we" I actually mean "me"), but it's not bad for a first go 'round, I think. I imagine it will get quite nice over the next month or two.

And for the stupdily curious, these are the notes I'm actually singing:

Paul can't hear the difference between the melody and the part I'm singing. I've tried to explain that I'm singing a harmony that's generally a few notes lower than the melody (and that this is sometimes difficult), but it all sounds the same to him. How is that possible? I don't know.

I'm glad I recorded the alto line, though-- I've got it pretty solidly memorized now.

Misc Etc

My allergies are going crazy, and I may have some sort of virus, to boot. Same with Zack.

I need to find a contemporary monologue for Hipp auditions in October, and I'm just comin' up with nothin'. I phail at stage actoring!

I've gotten a few bites on my new voice site, but it still needs work. Instead of reading fiction and drinking on the plane to Phoenix, I think I'll be finalizing my business plan and marketing materials so that I can do a big marketing push upon my return.

I'm smack dab in the middle of the new Harry Potter. I know, I'm weeks behind most of you, but I had other priorities (including reading the prior book again because I'd forgotten most of it). It's a damned big book; I might take it with, I might just read a paperback while I'm gone and start HP up again when I get back.

I haven't been playing ANY mandolin. Shame on me! Maybe I'll bring it to Con, maybe not; we'll see.

I've been working out regularly-- I do weight training (to the point of muscle failure) at least once a week, Core (back and abs) at least once a week, and a half hour on the stationary bike every day I'm not at the actual gym. I've been eating like a PIG. But I haven't been gaining any weight! I haven't been losing, either. I'm a little concerned that I'll have too many calories and too little exercise at Con, but it's an event. I'll get back on the weight-wagon after Con.

I should really go to the gym today, but I'm just feeling weak and tired. My sleep schedule has been sh-t for the last few days. I'll bike instead.

Well, I think that covers everything! I don't get to read LJ enough these days, but I peek in when I can. I hope you are all happy and healthy and following your collective and individual blissessesss.

~Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough~

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