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That's my funeral!

So, I stopped by the theatre after crab and Guinness night.* You see, they post the cast list on the theatre door once its been announced.

I didn't expect anything. Seriously. And yet... I've been cast as Mrs. Sowerberry :) (She's the undertaker's henpecking wife.)

Apparently, I have one scene, light dancing, and... am a 40-to-50 year old soprano O_O

Oh, dear!

The nice gent I met at auditions (who was a kickass Fagin) could possibly end up being Mr. Sowerberry, which would be awesome.

Queen Theatre got Nancy. She'll do great :) Bumble's good, too. They cast my friend Pete as Bill Sykes, which was a surprising, if wonderful, move.

Hooray! I'm in my first musical! :D

That's my... FUNERAL!

* Every other Monday, P & I split a couple pounds of crab and a few pints of Guinness at our local Red Lobster. We <3 the bartender.

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