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I'm a professssssional. I've got SHOES. See?

Four years ago last June, I bought ballet slippers, and it made me giddy. I still have them :)

Well, today I bought character shoes, so I don't have to dance barefooted at auditions for Oliver this Sunday.

I should really wear a 7 narrow, but they didn't have narrows, so I got a 6.5 medium. I frankenstein'd 'em so that my orthotics would fit. They're a little snug (the alternative was the 7s, which were falling off my feet). They were inexpensiveish. I likes 'em lots. :)

I am, in fact, giddy again!

P's sister and three kids have been staying with us this week, so I haven't accomplished as much as I'd like with the voice stuff this week. Website's almost done, though. Rate sheet and brochure are done. And my first gig is done and paid for, and the client and the client's client seem happy :)

I'm way behind on comments and stuff. I will catch up once things settle down, k?

I hope Life is Great where you are right now :)

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