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Wow. I really need to update. Thanks for the nudge, satiricpacifist!

I'm so sorry I've been away, folks. It's been for a good reason, though :)

I've been working hard at pursuing this voice acting thing. I've figured out my core competencies, put together a professional brochure, business cards and website (nearly done inserting copy-- I used an open-source thingy for the tabs and built it all with .css), and ordered some new gear (well, it will be here soon-- I'll post on that another time). It's kinda funny how all my marketing, copywriting and design skills are working together to this new end. And I thought I worked too hard when I worked for someone else! At least I'm allowing myself to sleep in these days, which is a nice change of pace (though my quality and amount of sleep hasn't been to good in general of late).

I also got a subscription to Voices.com and have been submitting 2-5 auditions a day. It's mostly for practice, since my gear is less than stellar. But it's great practice, and I've even gotten a couple bites from interested parties from placement on their site alone.

Within the next week, I'll be ready to submit to agents and casting groups across the state (and perhaps nationwide).

I went to unemployment last Thursday. It was very strange. I wasn't dressed professionally, but I seemed different from the other applicants* somehow. I was probably the only sympathetic, smiling face in the place, so the admins each singled me out. The first woman took one look at my paperwork as said "oh, you'll be hired right away-- you'll just get core services, and I'll call you when managerial jobs come in, like 'Walmart has an opening on such-and-such a date.'" Oh, joy. The second woman seemed rather harsh and strict, and I was a bit worried that bringing my list of auditions wasn't such a good idea. Once I showed her my brochure, demo and business card, though, she started gushing. Seriously, if I ever needed a nod from the universe that this is the path I should be taking, this was it. She instantly went from hard-nosed administrator to giggly schoolgirl. Did I make this myself? (Yes.) Had I been doing this a long time? (Yes.) Could she do voiceovers? (Sure, why not!) In fact, you can have these pieces-- if you give them away, I'll make you more. Really, really?!! This woman looked somewhat Indian, but she was really French. English was not her first language. She spoke, in fact, FIVE languages. She was my new bestest friend. Score :)

Afterwards, I had lunch at Chopstix (the best low-price sashimi and 2-for-1 mango daquiris!) and spent a couple of hours poring over What Color is Your Parachute? Lots of good advice in there for ANY self-marketer, not just full-time job seekers.

Saturday, I had another little nod from the universe. Gainesville, it seems, takes its community theatre seriously. They have this big catered to-do called The Golden Apples every year, at which they give awards between elaborate song-and-dance numbers. I got nominated for best supporting actress (aw, that was nice!) and my "date," who was nominated three times for the same category won :) It was a really nice time. Afterward, though, we were going to meet one group of people, but stopped in to say hello and have a quick drink with a second group of people. One of the people in this quick-drink group was the costumer for the state theatre. She mentioned that one of the shows for next season hadn't been cast yet, and suggested I call or email her, and she'd hook me up with an audition. A paid acting gig? In a "real" theatre? Oh, yeah. Even if I don't get cast, it's a nice indication that things are moving in the right direction. Thanks, Universe :)

Last night, at 3am, I couldn't sleep, so I walked outside and looked up... and just as I was humming "When You Wish upon a Star," I saw the most brilliant falling star. Thanks, scottobear, for telling me weeks ago about last night's Persied shower-- my calendar reminded me about it yesterday :)

I've been going to the gym pretty regularly... I went nine times or more last month, which seems about right-- I do the line one day, then take two days off, then the core another day, and take one or two days off. Next up-- cardio. I HATE cardio. I just can't seem to get the hang of it. Maybe I should go dancing more often-- I can dance my arse off for hours. But stationary biking or treadmilling? Ick. CAN'T STAND IT. Maybe I'll force myself to bike for half an hour today. I've got a bike in the living room for heavens sake!

Let's see... what else is going on?

Well, I bought tickets to the KOL Con in Phoenix in September. No, I can't really afford it. But yes, I am still going anyway (assuming I'm not cast in something that conflicts) :) I'll be staying with the beautiful and talented scarlethester.

Which reminds me-- KoL DJ-type peoples? This would be a really good time to remind me to record professional-grade bumps for you. Once I get my gear in, I'm golden, and I'm happy to do bumps and stingers, even though I don't get to listen much at all these days. I'm always a listener at heart :) If my laptop didn't suck so much, I'd bring my mic, preamp and cans and record in Phoenix.

What else? Oh, my WoW char is level 67. I still rarely play, except on weekends, but leveling has been insanely easy and fast in BC... especially with a computer that doesn't crash every three minutes. Hoo-farking-ray for that!

There's a bunch more going on, but I'll leave off here. I'm probably way past the skim point for most folks anyway :)

~Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough~

* There was one woman there who drove a bus for the school system who couldn't understand WHY she had to be there when she WASN'Tactually LOOKING for work. This lady bellyached and text-messaged her friends the entire time she was there. Hello lady? These are the people giving you money to sit on that fine ass of yours all summer long... Sit that ass down and speak when spoken to, k? Two hours of being polite ain't gonna kill you or ruin your street cred, sister. Sheesh!

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