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hot sauce

I went to the gym today!

I've been doing the Core recently, but this marks the first time I've done the Line* in a VERY long time.

I ate a banana today!

I seriously need to eat more fruit.

I went food shopping today!

I paid $88.92, and saved $52.32. Seriously, best Grocery Game evah.

I had a shrimp and hotsauce dinner!

$2.99 for just over half a pound of peel 'n eat shrimp (about all I could eat). Sadly, the cocktail sauce in my pantry had gone bad.

I'm eating hot sauce like it's going out of style. Hot sauce on shrimp. Hot sauce on Bold & Spicy Cheez-its. Hot sauce on my hand. Hot sauce on nothing (it's more difficult than it sounds). There is absolutely no way I could be pregnant, so I'm at a loss to explain this sudden hot sauce obsession. I'll probably finish this bottle of Cholula that's made its home on my desk before too long, though. Mmm, hot sauce!

* OK, they don't actually have a link for the Line. It's basically a line of weight-resistance machines that give you a hard thirty-minute workout.

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