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Songs from the wood

Feeling better : )

The ice and mud were treacherous. The water was a raging torrent.
The woods were utterly wonderful.

The main waterfall1 was especially exhilarating...

...and spring was in the air. Have I ever mentioned that spring is my favourite season?

Many of you know that I've been quite the Boot Maven of late... please allow me to introduce you to what are, perhaps, my oldest, most-well-loved, and favouritist boots in the whole wide world.

They're not pretty. They don't make me taller. They don't drive men to distraction2.
They fit great. They're waterproof. They offer traction on almost any surface. They take me places.

I hope you've had a most loverly day, I do : )


1 I said there were two before? There are at least three. (And at least half a dozen new streams that weren't there before the thaw.)

2 Well, unless I kicked them. Which I wouldn't. Under most circumstances.

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