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Building up to something

Processor installed!

The heatsink looked a little smeary after removing intel's thermal paste, even after cleaning with isopropyl alcohol. I still think using arctic silver instead of intel's thermal paste was a wise move, though.

I used arctic silver's instructions: http://www.arcticsilver.com/arctic_silver_instructions.htm

Plastic removal tool: guitar pick. Lint-free cloth: Handiwipe.

I realize, in retrospect, that a handiwipe isn't, precisely, a lint-free cloth. However, I didn't have any coffee filters, and it didn't occur to me to use newspaper until after I had finished. The handiwipe didn't leave any visible lint, though. I doubt this is a big enough gaffe to warrant a do-over, but just in case, I'll throw this poll out there:

Poll #1014707 dudley do-over

Think I should take it apart and reclean it with newspaper?

For the love of G-d YES
Ldy, you worry too much. Leave it alone.
Just wanna clickyclick!!

There were a couple of very minor difficulties... For instance, the mobo didn't have a little triangle to indicate Pin 1, but it was fairly clear which way it should go. And the heatsink required quite a bit of pressure to seat correctly, but wasn't as nearly frustrating as some newegg reviewers made it seem.

Overall, it was a pretty simple process(or).

I found this video particularly helpful:

I did not wear gloves, though I did use a British accent the few times I cursed.

Next up... nice cup of tea, and then we take the old girl apart and install the new bits :)

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