*smooch* (ldy) wrote,

Big your piano, be a real man

I had forgotten the nearly orgasmic joy of getting new computer parts.

I just finished a glass of wine, so maybe I shouldn't be assembling quite yet. Perhaps it might better wait 'til the morrow.

But fuck. I want it NOW.

My processor is HUGE*. And according to intel's sticker, it was packed on my birthday :)

I shall put it together tomorrow. Man, I'm all giddy. And hot.

I keep smelling the boxes. There's something about new hardware that smells fantastic.

Seriously, there's gotta be something wrong with me. I keep fondling my RAM.

Gah. Geeksex!

* Actually, my processor uses 65 nm tech. It's technically the heatsink and fan that are huge. But whatever! It's HUGE!
** I took the subject from a spam, which continued: Chicks always laugh at me and even guys did in the WC toilets! Well now I smile :) at them because I took megadlk for 6 months and now my disk is much bigger than NATION average piano size. :p
*** It further went on to say: I bought that music disk from this store / exports more attractive. / exports more attractive. / On Sunday, September 13, the Italian lire was devalued, but only by 7 percent, still within the range set by the ERMs rules. Investors a platform from which he could expound his views.

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