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nothing's as infernal as the dishes

OK, so here's what's up with those darned dishes.

See, some were quite nice, actually... exactly what I had expected:

But some were overly-textured... like these didn't-use-enough-glaze plates:

And yet others were simply obviously factory screw-ups:

I had fallen so completely in love with them-- the pattern, the colour, the shape-- everything.

I sent away for a dream, and was shipped a bunch of factory seconds.

And the worse part is, I'm still in love with them-- the normal ones-- but there are no more to be had, so I can't replace the defects. I'm either stuck with the lot of 'em, or I have to begin my hunt for dinnerware anew.

With things being as they are, I might just return these and keep on using my junk dishes for the time being.


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