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syot? xes.

Well, I auditioned for Macbeth, but haven't heard anything. It was the oddest audition I'd ever been to... show up, read something, get some direction in the form of a few questions, read again, indian-wrestle Macbeth.1

I went to The W's class... VERY interesting. I already knew I was responsible for my own happiness, and that my emotions were a reflection of what was going on inside of me (and not due to, but merely triggered by, external influences); but I learned a lot of the psychology behind why that is. Quite worthwhile, and rather fun.

Bellydancing is back. I start next week (assuming I'm not rehearsing) : )

Spoke with xso last night for the first time in several months. I didn't recognize his voice at first when he called. There's something rather sad about that statement... no, bittersweet (again).2

I actually got most of the previous post's tasks accomplished, and then some... Still more to do, more to do... I expect to be in White Rabbit mode for quite awhile yet.

Work is quite insane and challenging. I seem to have evolved into a responsible person in a position of some authority. And a damned fine copy-writer. Go figure.

<nonsequitur> My friend lives a thousand miles away, but we grew up in the same state.3 </nonsequitur>

I'm exhausted (again).

Hugs to those who need them, those who want them, and those who don't zzzzzzzzzz.

1 I guess everyone who read for Lady M got to wrestle the lead. Out of 23 "matches," he had lost but once. By the time I left, he had lost twice <G> And in my knee-high lace-up super-tall platform-boots (that I had worn for the first time out), no less!! (Bad ldy-- I was wearing the knee-high lace-up super-tall platform-boots, not him (just for clarification).)

2 He still misses me, and felt inclined to explain why he had never asked me to marry him with the ring and everything. Odd, that. And he got off the phone without a fight when I said I had to go. Odder, yet.

3 Confusion? Yes, New Jersey.

4 I was going say something clever about sex toys here, but didn't have the balls.

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