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ick ick and ack

What a craptastic day

My plates came in! They look like factory seconds. Seriously-- I'll try to take pictures tomorrow. They're going back. And the company is all out of them, so I can't even replace the bad ones. I'll have to find a whole new set somewhere, somehow. I don't even want to look at another set of dishes.

Work is crazy and I'll probably have to work tomorrow and the weekend again. I'm hating it.

My newspaper eludes me and probably always will.

And I got my computer parts in, only to find that I somehow managed NOT to order the video card. Wha? How'd I manage that?!

I spent a frantic twenty minutes trying to get a hold of someone at newegg, only to be told that maybe if I put in an order tonight, I'll get it tomorrow. My browser died twice in the process.

I think my chances are slim, but newegg's pretty amazing-- so I put in the order anyway.

Think good neweggy thoughts, k? I really don't want to deal with another week of this.

Heck, think good lotterywinning thoughts while you're at it.

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