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Quart Early Reap Port

I was pondering posting on Drugs or Fear, but got sideswiped by a Very Nice email with a beautiful wish and some food for my thoughts.

Hrm. How am I doing?

I resolved to:
  • Treat myself like my best friend and be truly kind to myself

  • I'm making headway, I am : ) I have my setbacks, but really, I'm a very nice friend.
  • Never wait to tell someone how much I love him or her

  • *cough* Answer hazy, ask again later.
  • Hug people with reckless abandon

  • OK. I had forgotten that one! Good advice (as long as the people don't mind.)
  • Realize my own power and use it to better my world, and the worlds of others

  • Oh. Yes. Yes, indeed. That one almost hurts, enlightenment-wise, in the context I'm contemplating.
  • Bid a not-so-fond farewell to depression and self-pity

  • GOODBYE. Good riddance. Remember this, ldy, when your mind starts to wander off...
  • Ask for help when I need it

  • Making headway. Need to ask more questions. Need to not be afraid of asking for things. Courage, little lion. Roar, nicely, when you need to.
  • Abolish fear in my life

  • Toughie! I slay the fear monsters wherever I can. There are a couple I haven't completely identified, though, that breathe down my neck from time-to-time... They need to be isolated and quarantined.
  • Not sweat the small stuff

  • But it's ALL small stuff! ...oh. I get it.
  • Not lie-- not to anyone, including myself

  • One of the toughest, but definitely one of the most rewarding. Making much headway.
  • Embrace honesty, even when it hurts

  • Painful, yes. But rewarding. *squeezes firmly*
  • Think thrice before making any excuse for my behaviour

  • I should have done that today. How timely. I only thought twice.
  • Not let a precious moment pass in apathy

  • Need to focus on this area further. Eh, maybe tomorrow (heheheh ; P)
  • Eat three squares, (and maybe a couple triangles and circles) each and every day

  • Eep. I've been eating... TOO MUCH, but like a bachelorette lately. Will go shopping this weekend for fresh veggies and such. Been missing good healthy cooking.
  • Take whatever measures are necessary to keep myself healthy

  • I said I'd go shopping this weekend! Actually, I AM sick right now, and am going to follow my own advice and GO TO SLEEP INSTEAD OF FINISHING THIS SILLY THING. : P I'll finish it tomorrow : )
  • Grant myself at least seven hours sleep each night

  • I SAID I was going to sleep! (OK, I lied. Waiting for an email anyway, might as well see if I can get through this while I have the opportunity)
  • Use books and the internet to enhance my reality; not escape it

  • Books... yes, need books. I'll pick something up this weekend.
  • Feed my head nourishing stuff

  • Sing every day

  • Muchly remiss in this area. (Sings: "LA LA LA LA LA!") ...my neighbors must think I'm really very odd.
  • Dance in my kitchen at least weekly

  • Remiss! Remiss! I go dance now! (Does so, but not in the kitchen.)
  • Invest my money

  • Eep. Eep eep eep. Need to phone someone in AM. I think I get a serious tax break if I do up an IRA before I file my taxes. Eep.
  • Invest myself

  • I do. In everything. Each and every day.
  • Travel more often

  • Heh. Think I've got that one down PAT.
  • Learn Linux, with or without X

  • OK. Sometime after I learn Fireworks and Dreamweaver. Which I plan on learning... this weekend? Uh-oh.
  • Find adventures, even in the simplest of outings

  • Need more simple outings. Note to self: change of clothes and magic bag go in the trunk of the car tomorrow, K?
  • Act, draw and write

  • Auditioning Sunday : ) They STILL haven't cast MacBeth. I've seen audition notices for... oh, over a MONTH. This is generally not a good sign in theatre... but it looks like a Very Good Sign to me : ) Been writing extensively, and I've been staring at acid-free paper for several weeks now. Hey-- it's a start.
  • Exercise or at least stretch every day

  • Whoops.
  • Welcome love and even romance in its many incarnations

  • Shakily welcoming : )
  • Declutter my world

  • Working on it THIS WEEKEND. Heh. This weekend was busy before I started reading this thing! Actually, I got my desk at work organized quite nicely, thank you, and am trudging through that damned pile of papers here at home on a daily basis. Slow but steady something something.
  • Create good habits from bad

  • Hm. I have something in mind here. For my own elucidation, I should mention that this only requires 1. the identification of good and bad habits, 2. the replacement of same, 3. "habitizing," or regular REPETITION. It's not so hard to make something a habit after you do it ten thousand times. It's only the first ten thousand that are tough ; )
  • Run over can't, won't and shouldn't, or find alternate routes around them

  • Ooh. Good one. I needed to hear that. Didn't I say something like "I shouldn't buy any more boots on ebay?" <G>
  • Laugh at myself more often

  • Could I possibly? I'm very silly, I am; and endlessly self-entertaining.
  • ...Not smoke

  • Doing the hypnotist thing again this weekend Tuesday, the 10th.

(Oh, there's more, I'm sure.... but so far so good...)

Yes, so far, so good... Room for improvement, though <G>

You'd be surprised, there's so much to be done...
Count all the bees in the hive...
Chase all the clouds from the sky...

Oh, how appropriate...

I'm a professional juggler these days... maybe this means I've progressed past the fool?

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