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Barely a minute to update, but I'll do what I can!

Great dinner last night-- grilled mahimahi* with cilantro and pepper, and a spinach salad with yellow pepper, red onion and bleu cheese. Delicious!

We listened to Vivaldi's Concerti per Mandolini, an early Mother's Day gift from him to me. Delicious!

Afterwards, we caught the first two episodes of the "third" season* of Doctor Who, and were not disappointed. Delicious!

My workdays of late are (beyond) craptastic, but the evenings are getting better.

Oh, and I quit smoking today. Delicious!

* I'd never made mahimahi before-- for future reference, four minutes each side on the grill, then resting under foil for a few minutes, turned out perfect.
** Technically speaking, it's the 29th season. Whatever. I LOVE the new companion :)
*** My son's music is shaking my desk. Maybe I should do something about that.

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