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Pimpin' the Goo

Was that a flash of gold you saw in my smile? Am I slicker than slick? Is it not at all easy being myself?

Why, yes! Which can mean only one thing...


Hold on while I put on this hat.

OK. I rarely pimp other journals or events in my LJ, simply because too many awesome people are doing too many awesome things. There's no way I could pimp out everything that deserved pimping (see, it really isn't easy being a pimp). But this? This was just Too Awesome to let slip by.

So it turns out that I've underestimated a friend. I always knew that Miss moneypenny was both brilliant AND beautiful, but never guessed she was THIS talented as well.
I entered a contest with some fellow Compaq Big Band members and submitted a track of me singing for thevocal competition. The first round is done through online voting, which is my cue to hassle all of you to click onto the website and cast avote for me. If I get enough votes, I become one of 8 finalists to be featured on the next album by New England's largest big band. I figured that was worth haranguing my friends en masse.

It seriously just takes a second, assuming you give me the benefit of the doubt and don't need to listen to the whole track first: Go to http://www.bigphatjam.com,scroll down near the bottom of the page to the contest submissions,look at the Vocals column for "Week 7" (scroll past the previous weeks'finalists to get there). I'm on as "Emily Goo." Click the little thumbs-up icon to vote for me.

Don't give her the benefit of the doubt, dear readers. Be nice to yourself and listen to her awesome submission. THEN vote for her (as I'm sure you'll be compelled to do).

OK, Pimp Time over :)

* Please note-- I had difficulty getting the sound files to work in Firefox, but they worked just fine in IE.

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