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Last evening, Paul and I went for a quick walk around the neighborhood. We eventually stopped at a nearby sushi place and had dinner.

I was thrilled! Paul doesn't do teh sushi, but I sure do, and he was quite happy with his teriyaki chicken, so it was all good.

Or so I thought.

Last night, I either had a VERY delayed reaction to too many beers the night before,* or an MSG attack. I suspect the latter, probably from the spicy sauce on my maki selection (even though I wiped 90% of it off!).

I'm allergic to MSG, and if I get more than a taste* of it, I get a terrible migraine, followed by violent (and I mean violent) illness. Which is what I had last night.

Fitday doesn't have a "bulemia" menu, so I'm not quite sure how to track those calories. I don't think I actually got any, so I'm leaving last night blank.

* Old Army buddy of Paul's stayed with us the night before last... I drank 7 bottles of Guinness Draught, but felt none the worse for wear the next day. Probably because I ate pretty well. And because Guinness is made by G-d, in heaven, with magic and love.
** For example, I can eat a little bit of the prepared ginger that has MSG in it, but a Dorito*** might kill me.
*** Dorito. Not duhreetoh. He might be planning my demise, but it seems somehow unlikely.
**** I suppose, in retrospect, it could have been caused by a mean fish with a grudge, but this also seems unlikely.

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