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Have I yet mentioned how much I love fitday.com?

OK, this thing is amazing. gefiltebitch turned me on to it not long ago, and I'm totally hooked.

It's a free online service you can use to track your calories, weight and activities.

Seriously, it's SO nifty that I'm making mine public in the hope that you'll check it out.


It's a little weird, putting the food I eat on display, but it's really not that different than when I kept a food journal on here. Just more accurate.

I don't expect this sort of thing to appeal to everyone on my FL, but I'm sure there are at least a few people who will find it intriguing.

This is so freaking cool. My inner data freak is orgasming :)

Another super cool neat thingy? Dietfacts.com, which has nutritional labels for a great variety of prepackaged and restaurant foods, integrates with fitday-- juck clicky-click, and it enters all your info :)

For those of you just joining us, I'm losing a bit of weight by dropping my daily calories. Nothing crazy, no deprivation, just fewer calories. (I gained nearly 40 pounds when I moved to Florida!) I'll be working more exercise into my program later this week. (Just thought I'd getcha up to speed there.) ;)

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