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Today's lunch

Today's lunch is WeightWatchers Smart Ones Santa Fe Style Rice & Beans

Calories: 310
Fat: 7 grams (3 saturated)
Carbs: 51g
Protein: 10g

Don't be fooled-- even though this entree doesn't mention meat, it's not fit for vegetarians. Ingredients include gelatin, dried chicken broth, chicken fat and dried chicken meat.

Of all the ingredients, the most notable is sodium-- it gives you 660mg, a whopping 27% of your daily value. To be honest, I'm having a bit of a problem tolerating all this salt... I've yet to find a frozen meal that DOESN'T load up on salt, though. In comparison to other frozen meals, it rates a bit above average on the salt scale.

Other ingredients seem pretty innocuous, with one notable exception: Despite the claim of 0 Trans Fat on the nutrition label, it does contain partially-hydrogenated soybean oil (a trans fatty acid). Foods that claim to have zero trans fat, when they really have small amounts that fall below the reportable threshold, are a pet peeve of mine.

Like every (I don't recall an exception, anyway) other Smart Ones I've tried, it's 3 minutes in the micro, stir, give it another minute (it's bizarre how everything cooks with the same directions!). Once cooked, it looks similar to the photo on the package, but with everything mixed together.

It's pretty self-explanatory: rice, beans, cheese... as well as a few kernels of corn and tiny pieces of zucchini.

This is remarkably cheesy, and rather tasty. Filling, too. I'd give it 3/5. It would easily have scored a 4 if it did not contain any trans fat, and if the sodium content were lower.

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