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weighty and not so weighty

Things I love, #29837429837 -- Smart Ones Picante Chicken & Pasta

It's over, I've fallen in love with a microwave meal. Or maybe it's lust-- it's hard to tell. Whatever. I could eat these things every day. It's chicken and beans tossed with bow tie pasta in a somewhat spicy picante sauce.

I'd link to it, but the Smart Ones site doesn't even have it listed! That just shows how leet it is.

I started doing these microwave meal things for lunch when I began my weight loss plan in earnest. I've tried a bunch, and so far, I've been most pleased with the Smart Ones line. They're not THAT good for you-- hint: meals in boxes (other than bento boxes, and sometimes them, too) are rarely really good for you-- but they're not that bad, either, and they generally have less than 300 calories apiece. Oh, and they taste fantastic. WAY better than the South Beach or Lean Cuisine offerings (IMHO).

The weight loss thing has been going pretty well... I lost two pounds last week. All I really do is watch my caloric intake. No deprivation, no weird foods, just portion and frequency control. I started the year pushing 170, got down to 165 just by virtue of being in a show, and started my calorie-counting at 160. I still have a long way to go, but I'm encouraged by the results so far.

Tonight, I pick up my bike at the shop. Later this week, I'll start hitting the gym again :)

Last night, Paul and I had dinner at Red Lobster-- the kids (Z's friends) gave us a gift certificate at Christmas. I hadn't been to a Red Lobster since I was a kid. It was actually better than I expected (I've always considered Red Lobster to be the Ground Round of seafood restaurants). Paul never had a full lobster before, so we each dug into one. Heaven. On the down side, it looks like my scallop allergy may have developed into a full-fledged shellfish allergy. I got hives within an hour after leaving. It's OK-- I'll be in denial for a good 4 or 5 more lobsters.

Did you know a 1¼ pound lobster has only 160 calories? Is true! (Bloody things are loaded with cholesterol, but that's another issue entirely.) That's about the same number of calories found in ONE of their Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

Actually, the biggest calorie splurge of the whole night was the two pints of Guinness we each consumed.

Who expected to find delicious (and surprisingly well-poured) Guinness at a Red Lobster? Not I. I see a lot more Red Lobster in my future. Or at least, Red Lobster bar.

You see, Guinness is a rare treat 'round these here parts. There's an Irish(ish) bar around the corner from us, but they switched from Guinness to Bare-Knuckle Stout (Budweiser's offering). That's just sacrilege right there. Sacrilege, I say!

Speaking of sacrilege, this, right here, is a delicious example, and a tremendous piece of satire. Thanks, allyn!

It's what a truck-drivin' whiskey-cravin' flag-wavin' Jesus would do!

OK, onto a couple other linkies:

The Iraqi War display, outside Reed College in Portand Oregon
Every red flag stands for a dead US serviceman, every white flag for SIX Iraqi.
Kinda puts things in perspective, doesn't it.
Thanks, boingboing!

Amazon FINALLY has an awesome deal of the day-- James Bond Ultimate Edition Boxed Sets Bundle!
Thanks, yendi!

And with that, I bid you adieu (to yieu and yieu and yieu).

~Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough~

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