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Birds & Bikes

In desperation, I put a plastic shopping bag over the light. Then I went back to my office, which has a window just to the left of the porch. Within moments, the little bird was on my office windowsill, looking at me askance, as if to say "whatchoo doin' to my crib, woman?!"

I'd never seen a bird on that windowsill before.

I'm so sorry, little bird. But it's truly for the best. Believe me-- you really don't want to live in a light fixture that's missing a bulb.

I let my car registration lapse last October. It took a bit of finagling to get my car registered in Florida.

Once I did get it registered, it wouldn't go. Who can blame it? I have a little trouble moving when I've been sitting in the same place for too long, too.

It hasn't been much of an issue, really... I telecommute. Who needs to drive anywhere? But I miss having my own transportation. Especially since my bike became unrideable.*

AAA is towing it to the service place right now. I feel so much better. Yay, car! Once my car is fixed, I can get Zack's bike and my bike fixed, too.**

Here's hoping I can squeeze another year out of my poor, neglected car (and my poor, neglected bike)!

* Zack's bike started losing pieces, and when he went to use my bike, he tried to inflate the tire with a ball accessory on the pump... so now I need a new tire >_<
** They won't fit in P's car.
*** Yay, explanatory footnotes!

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