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Still not here... I don't expect I'll be back for another two weeks1. This is what I've been up to so far...

Thu: Belly-dancing, nachos and beer. 'nuff said there.

Fri: Worked very late... had about 15 minutes to change before meeting Mr. E. for dindin at Ambition Cafe. Threw together a fab outfit I'd not worn before-- a floorlength gold and red gown my Mom must have gotten in the 60s, a wool sweater of hers, and the kinkyass boots. The dress was so lowcut I felt compelled to fasten the top of it with an earring : P Saw The Pendragons at one of my favourite places, the historic and beautiful Proctor's Theatre in Schenectady. The tix were an Xmas gift from Mr. E, who accompanied me to the show. YOWZA, they were AWESOME! They even signed my programme afterward. I wanna be a magician!!! : ) Then I went to the local yokel bar. I only meant to stop in to see if Miss M. was there, but somehow or other, five drinks were bought for me2 over the course of a few hours. I probably could have imbibed for free there all night. And it was just the usual (though more-drunken-than-usual) crowd! Wow.

Sat: Went with Miss M. and Miss A. to see the amazing and talented celtic rock band Seven Nations at another Historic and Gorgeous Theatre, the Palace3 in Albany. They were Simply Awesome, as usual. The sheer talent of their fiddler and bagpiper never cease to amaze me. The rest of the group is mighty talented, too. Wore another bizarre outfit composed of items I'd not worn before... knee-high lace-up boots, an oh-dear-I-really-think-it's-too-small dress I'd bought for a couple bucks on sale a number of years ago, and me mum's wool sweater again (quite surprisingly, it doesn't seem to cause an allergic reaction anymore). The dress was rather short, so I spent quite a bit of the early evening doing the Star-Trek-tuck on the hemline. Got used to it after awhile, though. Didn't seem to raise too many eyebrows4, though I did get quite a few compliments on the boots from complete strangers. Got to drink real black & tans5 at the concert, too. Yum! From there, we went to the Troy Brewpub got lost in Troy. Mistakenly thought we had found the Brewpub, and spent about ten minutes in an underage bar before realizing we weren't really old, but everyone else was really young : P Eventually we made it to the Brewpub, though. As we were walking in, a gent waved a drum and said we had just missed the music. He looked oddly familiar. 30 seconds later, I knew whom he was. He was the thin, jovial Scotsman from the Wiccan specialty shoppe who could discuss the tarot while beating a drum! Wish I had stopped to chat, but he was driving away by the time I had remembered his identity. From the Brewpub, we went to the Hollywood Cafe, and then to the Fuze Box6, where I discovered I could dance in my short dress and bigass boots. Is a goooood thing.

Sun: Stayed overnight at my friends' place, and then went to meet some friends to see a local production of Gross Indecency, the Three Trials of Oscar Wilde. I made it to the theatre a half-hour early, as promised! Too bad it was the wrong theatre7 : P I did make it to the correct theatre on time, and enjoyed the production thoroughly. A friend of mine (with whom I've worked before) played Oscar Wilde. Damn, but he was good. He always is, though. Then I came home with my customary nachos and Sunday comics.

Y'know, poking through some of my older entries made me really appreciate the little "welcomes" I give out when someone links to me. I almost cried a few times when I came across brandynew welcomes to now-old friends8 : )

Oh, and this thing STILL isn't dead yet! Please go kill it some more!!



Although I still haven't seen the original film m'self, I thought a few of you might be interested in this little tidbit...

Akira to be restored and released theatrically next year


*HUGS* to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough. (And extra hugs to you all, since I won't be able to deliver random hugs and smoochies via comments for a couple weeks.)

Be well and happy : )

: *

1 Busy, busy, busy. I poke at the most recent part of my friends page when I get the chance... unfortunately, those chances are few and far between. And way too short, too. Vacation is the week after this one coming up, so I expect free time will completely cease to exist as of tomorrow at some point.

2 Lessee... drinks were purchased by the drunken Irishman ("You're hot. You know you're hot, don't you? Fuck you. You're hot. What's your name again? Did you know you're hot?") who had to be forcibly thrown out... twice, the girl who admitted to a five-year crush on me, the guy who never remembers that he hit on me the last time I saw him, and the bartender who said I was just "so lovely." I'm very flattered, but... well, this is... just... bizarre. Btw, I'm getting the red hair touched-up on Tuesday ; )

3 They don't have a website. Why don't they have a website?

4 ...and those that were raised did not seem disapproving *blush*

5 Guinness and Harp, poured in such a way that the former floats on top of the latter. I generally prefer Guiness with Bass, but I maybe that just appeases the world-peace pollyanna in me.

6 Lots of latex, collars, sweat, and 80s music. How... odd.

7 I've performed at both those theatres. How the heck did I get them mixed up like that?!

8 Teehee. I had also noted I met my friend, the evil overlord nifty individual on November 13 (although I actually met him on the 12th).

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