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Opening Tonight!
Mary Zimmerman's Metamorphoses
at the Vam York Theatre; 4039 NW 16th Blvd, near Publix

Called by Time the "theater event of the year," Mary Zimmerman's Metamorphoses brings Ovid's tales to stunning visual life. Set in and around a large pool of water onstage, Metamorphoses juxtaposes the ancient and the contemporary in both language and image to reflect the variety and persistence of narrative in the face of inevitable change. Nominated for three 2002 Tony Awards, including"Best Play," Metamorphoses earned Zimmerman a Tony for "Best Direction of a Play."

And now it's being performed right here in Gainesville, large pool and all. You've never seen anything like it, and may never get the opportunity to see anything like it again! Don't miss this unique retelling of Ovid's transformation myths... you may find yourself transformed, as well.

Performances are Wednesday through Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 2pm, January 19 through February 4, 2007.

Tickets are $15.00, and are availble at Omni Books (Westgate Plaza, 99 SW 34th St., (352) 375-3755) or at the door.

You'll laugh, you'll cry... and if you're in the front row, you may even get a little wet. ;)

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