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random quick updates!

Ugh, I've been repairing my desktop computer for three #(&($^(@*^! days. Seriously, day and night.

Anywho, it's nice to be back. Even if my firefox DOESN'T stop crashing.

At least the spontaneous reboots seem to have been quelled.

Bought a Roomba on Amazon this morning. WTF?

Paul made me do it. I'ma gonna miss the catfur tumbleweeds. They leant me some atmosphere when I was feelin' lonesome.

I figure, $130 to get rid of 80% of our sweeping and vaccuuming time for a year or two is a nice use of leverage.

Poor Gracie! She'll be pissed.

Two interesting links from boingboing

Latch-hook pillows that look like giant anti-depressant pills

How to make a D20 out of pecan pies

I thought these topics were important and worthy of your notice.

My first rehearsal was a bit distressing... although it's a true ensemble play, designed so that everyone would have at least one substatial role, I got nothin' but a bit part here and a bit part there. And I was the only one.

At Paul's behest, I brought up my concerns to the director, who rearranged some things. It's all good now :)

I'm so rarely the squeaky wheel... I always feel uncomfortable in that role. I need to remind myself that sometimes it's a positive thing.

Having one's needs met is beneficial to both parties.

A FreshMarket just opened down the street last night.

I nearly peed my pants.

FRESHMARKET!! I'm giddy with the possibilities of fresh food.

After we checked it out, Paul and I spent too much on dinner at our little Caribbean place. It was great :)

And now I cry as I pay the bills. Boohoooooo!

I really have a ton more work to catch up with, so I'll let it go at that.

I will catch up with comments soon. And I WILL write the groceries entry by... this weekend. Yes.

Hope you're having a fantabulous day *smoooch!* :)

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