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WOW. What a Thanksgiving! I quite literally cooked all day until we finally ate, I'm guessing, around 7:30.

I say "I'm guessing," because once I was done, everything became a blur. I don't remember much of the meal, and in fact, ate very little of it. Evidently, I was totally wasted. Yet, I'd barely had any wine. Cooking the entire meal myself, for the first time ever, meant that the day was full of stress-- good stress, but still stress-- so I think I was suffering from PTSD.*

In any case, the meal was fantastic. I was so proud! Everything was timed out perfectly. I've never in my life had such a juicy, succulent turkey. The sides were all awesome. The desserts, divine. The hostess, ridiculous.

Pity I don't remember more of it!

Hope your Thanksgiving was delightful as well.

Happy Friday! *smoooooch!*

* Post Turkey Success Delirium

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